Empowering Journalists: Top Tools and Apps for Staying Ahead in News Reporting in 2024

Rakesh Dudhat

In the fast-paced world of journalists, staying informed and up-to-date with the latest news is essential for delivering timely and ...

nimo planet

what is Nimo Planet ?: The Pocket-Sized Spatial Computer

Rakesh Dudhat

Nimo Planet is a company that has developed the world’s first spatial computer designed for productivity, which is small enough ...

brain maps

Researchers unveil detailed brain maps in a series of 21 papers released on Thursday.

Rakesh Dudhat

scientists are on a mission to crack the code of this incredible organ. And they’ve got something pretty cool to ...

Brilliant labs Frame Glasses

Here is worlds first wearable tech with multimodal AI : Frame glasses by BRILLIANT LABS

Rakesh Dudhat

BRILLIANT LABS has reveled its first AI frame glasses with a unique AI virtual assistant The way we consume information has ...

Microsoft’s recent launch of the ADVANTAG(I)GE INDIA initiative signifies a profound step towards democratizing access to artificial intelligence (AI) skills

Rakesh Dudhat

With the audacious aim of training two million individuals in AI by 2025, With the audacious aim of training two ...


New video shared by elon musk shows Tesla’s Optimus humanoid robot walking naturally

Rakesh Dudhat

Enhancements in technology allows the Tesla Optimus humanoid robot to exhibit a more natural walking capability, as seen in a ...


Neuralink’s First-in-Human Clinical Trial is Open for Recruitment

Rakesh Dudhat

Neuralink’s First-in-Human Clinical Trial is Open for Recruitment Neuralink received approval from the reviewing independent institutional review board and our ...